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5 Ways You Can Stay Engaged with your SLSO

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra offers many ways to experience thrilling musical moments, even as many of us stay home. Through digital tools, you can still engage with SLSO musicians, Music Director Stéphane Denève, and memorable performances. Here are a few ways you can enjoy your SLSO:

Although there are no concerts at Powell Hall right now, there are still ways to see the talented musicians of your SLSO perform. Through the #SLSOatHome series, musicians put on performances at their homes - sometimes with guests including family members and pets.

These performances have been curated on YouTube (follow the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra page) and shared on social media. And it's not just orchestra members: the entire SLSO family has gotten involved. That means moving vocals works from singers in the St. Louis Symphony Chorus and St. Louis Symphony IN UNISON Chorus, young musicians of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, and even members of the SLSO staff.

Click here to see these amazing performances..

Instrument Playground Online

To celebrate Music in Our Schools Month, the SLSO has launched a new online resource – its Instrument Playground Online. This web-based tool introduces the instruments of the orchestra to people, especially children, through engaging videos and photos. And now, with so many people, families, and teachers looking for online resources to entertain and inform them, the timing is even better to help serve the community.

The SLSO’s Instrument Playground Online is a digital extension of the orchestra’s popular Instrument Playground, a hands-on experience for children prior to each SLSO Family Concert. The videos are an entertaining and informative overview about 10 different instruments from the four instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Through the series, audience members—from elementary students to SLSO patrons—can hear directly from these remarkable musicians.

SLSO Video Stories

While the SLSO is known worldwide for its superb artistry and masterful performances of classical music, the organization also works diligently to connect people throughout the St. Louis area to the power of music. SLSO Stories is one way to read, hear, and see how the SLSO impacts the region. Did you know that the SLSO trombone section performs every year for the resident of St. Agnes Home in Kirkwood? Or that SLSO staff members provide specialized training for teachers of Pre-K students to better integrate music into the classroom? Or that every year, dozens of SLSO volunteers organize music and arts contests that impact thousands of students across Missouri and Illinois?

There are countless stories about the SLSO, its mission, and its musicians. We’ve captured these unique tales, stories you might not hear at a concert, for you to enjoy.


Did you know you don’t have to leave home to hear works from upcoming SLSO concerts? On the SLSO’s Spotify profile, we’ve curated playlists for each of the programs on the entire 19/20 season and seasons past. Some of the playlists feature recordings from the SLSO’s vast recording portfolio with former Music Directors Leonard Slatkin, Hans Vonk, and David Robertson. There’s even a playlist that includes all of the SLSO’s commercial recordings – more than 100 hours of music total! Follow us and start exploring the works of the SLSO season.

Keep in mind that the SLSO and Stéphane Denève champion works by living composers, with almost 20 works new to the SLSO this season alone. Many of those works are so new, recordings of these pieces from talented composers of today don’t yet exist.


The SLSO has a robust catalogue of videos on its YouTube page, from interviews with Stéphane Denève to SLSO Stories and even footage of rehearsals from years past. Take a stroll down memory lane to see the SLSO in action.


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