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Volunteers Look Forward to Project's Impact on Community

The St. Louis Symphony Volunteer Association (SVA) has been an integral part of the SLSO for over 100 years. More than 300 SVA members volunteer thousands of hours each year to help make music more accessible to all.  

Powell Hall project
Steve and Janice Seele

Janice Seele began volunteering in 2010, and her husband, Steve, joined her in 2019 when he retired after a long career with Boeing. Neither played an instrument as children, but they both grew up listening to symphonic music and have a deep appreciation for the SLSO and its vital role in the community.  


“It’s one of the finest orchestras in the country, if not the world,” says Janice.  


Education has become one of their favorite parts of their volunteer work. “The more we got involved with the symphony, the more we realized the extent of what they do in terms of education and outreach,” says Janice.  


In 2015, Janice began a term as president of the SVA Board, a role she relished as she helped guide volunteer programs at all levels. In 2019, Steve agreed to be the chair of the Education Concert Hosts Committee, which supports the education concerts that bring young people to the orchestra. “I think I can speak for everyone on that committee—it’s a joy to meet all these children. They are always so happy to come, and it just lifts you to be there greeting them.”  


It goes without saying that the Seeles are excited about the new Education and Learning Center that will serve countless students when it opens as part of the ongoing expansion and renovation of Powell Hall, slated for completion in fall 2025. The new space will provide more opportunitiesfor more education programs, which will promote musical appreciation and creativity among children.  


Janice and Steve say that the more they get involved with the SLSO, the more they want to be part of the community. “We’ve become acquainted with so many musicians. They’re world-class at what they do, yet are open, friendly, and very approachable,” says Steve.  


It’s the staff as well. When you realize how much the symphony is doing with the number of staff members they have, it’s really incredible. It’s a tremendous amount of work and a tremendous amount of good. We want to support that,” says Janice. 



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