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What the Heck is SLSO Crafted?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

It’s Friday night. You’re anxious to leave the office behind for the weekend. But what to do? It’s too early for an evening out with friends. It’s too early to call it a night. It’s that in between time.

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra has a suggestion: Try a brand-new concert experience—SLSO Crafted. Sponsored by UMB Bank, SLSO Crafted is a brand new offering this season from the SLSO.

OK, so what is SLSO Crafted?

At SLSO Crafted concerts, Music Director Stéphane Denève and the SLSO present one hour of music without intermission at Powell Hall in a relaxed atmosphere, with food and drinks, pairing a piece of music from today with a mainstay of the orchestral repertoire.

For the first SLSO Crafted concert, Stéphane has curated a program that will make you fall in love with classical music or rekindle your interest in live music. Hear Johannes Brahms’ masterful Symphony No. 4, one of the greatest compositions in all of classical music. This symphony soars, lifts your spirit, and cuts deeply to the heart. The drama of this work is nearly unrivaled.

You don’t need to know a thing about the music, either. Stéphane will fill you in along the way, giving insights to why the piece is special.

When is this concert?

The first concert is Friday, November 15. Doors open at 5:00pm—the same time vendors begin serving. The concert begins at 6:30pm and will end by 7:30pm. The party keeps going at the Rainbow Terrace at the Angad Arts Hotel, just across the street from Powell Hall.

How is SLSO Crafted different from other orchestra concerts?

We are giving you an opportunity to CRAFT your own experience with the SLSO, beginning with offering food and drinks before the concert.

The SLSO has partnered with a number of food and beverage vendors for SLSO Crafted—giving this a feeling of an indoor food truck gathering. We’ll have amazing samples from the following:

Food vendors

· Mango Peruvian Restaurant

· Yolklore

· Southern

· Small Batch


· Sarah’s Cake Shop

Drink vendors

· 4 Hands Brewing Co.

· Chandler Hill Vineyards

· Brick River Cider

· Soulard Island Spirits

· Kaldi's Coffee

· Truly Floral Gin

Come early to Powell Hall, grab tasty bites and refreshing drinks and meet your friends in one of the most stunning spaces in St. Louis. Our musicians will meet you in the lobby for a casual meet and greet. Doors open at 5:00pm, making this a perfect spot for an after-work happy hour to kick off your weekend.

When the auditorium opens at 6:00pm, you choose your own seat—sit near the front for the best views of our musicians, or near the back to enjoy the perfect acoustics of Powell Hall. It’s your choice!

The concert lasts about an hour, leaving you enough time to continue your Friday evening.

Why did the SLSO add SLSO Crafted?

Stéphane and the SLSO want to welcome the entire St. Louis community and offer audiences a new way to engage with the orchestra and the music. The SLSO is a communal gathering of artists and audiences for music and dialogue, and SLSO Crafted reflects that.

But what should I wear? Don’t I need to dress up for an orchestra concert?

Come as you are! Whether that’s straight from work and you’re in business casual or have a moment to change into something more comfortable, the SLSO welcomes you. (Or feel free to dress up if this is a date night.) Music has no dress code.

Learn more about SLSO Crafted, sponsored by UMB Bank, here.

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