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Photos: SLSO presents Two to Tango

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Music always plays a pivotal role in a fashion show, but live music at one is less common.

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Saint Louis Fashion Fund's Two to Tango, was the marrying of fashion and music. Cortango, a Tango, Classical, and Jazz Fusion orchestra, played as Mother Model Management models strutted the catwalk, adorned with designs by Jitrois Boutique and St. Louis designer Michael Drummond. 

See more from the fashionable event in the gallery below:

With Midtown's new Angad Arts Hotel as a backdrop, Drummond said having the two mediums at a show elevates the experience. “For me this was a passion. I love the symphony and I love live music," he said. 

Kathleen Bibbins, Saint Louis Fashion Fund's executive director, said, "Fashion and music have always inspired each other, and they are part of the fabric of St. Louis. It’s exciting to bring that connection to life."

The night ended with guests snacking on hors d'oeuvres and—as the event name called for—Tango dancing. 


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