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Photos: The SLSO honors 50-year relationship with Leonard Slatkin

During the 2018/2019 season, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra celebrated a remarkable relationship that reshaped the orchestra and left an indelible imprint on the fabric of American orchestras. Leonard Slatkin, who made his debut with the SLSO 50 years conducting a program of dances and waltzes by Johann Strauss, held the Music Director position for 17 years, taking the SLSO on multiple international tours, recording 70 albums with the SLSO, and nurtured the reputation of the orchestra around the world. He also founded the prestigious St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, a nationally-recognized ensemble that showcases the best young musical talent in the St. Louis region.

During the season, Slatkin conducted two programs to packed houses, bringing his unique interpretations of American repertoire - including works by Barber, Bernstein, and Loren Loiacono - that became his signature while he led the SLSO.

On June 19, the SLSO paid homage to Slatkin with a special dinner, including video and music presentations, on the Emerson Concert Stage at Powell Hall.

Slatkin was Music Director for 17 years. On June 19, he was honored with a dinner on the Emerson Stage at Powell Hall.

Slatkin thanks the attendees at a special dinner held in his honor.

Slatkin, right, with St. Louis Symphony Chorus Director Amy Kaiser.

Slatkin, center, with current SLSO President and CEO Marie-Hélène Bernard, right, and former SLSO CEO David Hyslop, left.

Joan Briccetti, Kathy Greminger, Miran Halen, and Cindy McTee.

St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra members Charlie Hamilton, Katie He, Justin Collins, and Noah Eagle performed the first movement of Mendelssohn's String Quartet No. 2. Slatkin founded the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra in 1970.

Slatkin and his wife, composer Cindy McTee, center, watch a video tribute to Slatkin.

Slatkin and SLSO Trustee Dr. Donald Suggs.

Sam and Marilyn Fox.

SLSO Concertmaster David Halen speaks about Slatkin's legacy.

SLSO President and CEO Marie-Hélène Bernard, right, with Jean-Paul and Isabelle Montupet.

Slatkin, left, with Jean-Paul and Isabelle Montupet, and Nancy Galvin, right.


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